Monday, August 29, 2011

Random ramble

I have no where else to put this since I don't keep a journal but I needed to jot down these little funnies from my chatterbox Violet. She is cracking us up these days.

Last night I went into her room at like 8:30 because I thought she was already asleep and I needed to put something away. She popped right up and said, "I huuuungry. Dinner!" So she got up and had some blueberries while Olivia had a piece of pizza.... And some oatmeal and bites of my PB&H. I think she's (Olivia) in some growth spurt..?

Vi is constantly surprising us with the funny sayings she picks up. Yesterday at the end of a book she said, "amen!" instead of "the end." she's started saying "I can't" and "I don't want it" (even when she does- awesome feature of the upcoming terrible 2's) and one of her current favs... "hold on." Feel kind of bad about that one since I totally say that to her approximately 100 times a day.

Saturday we took a last minute day trip to the beach. When I was putting Olivia's suit on she was getting all wiggly and excited and I said we were going to the beach, to which she said "The beach?? I loooove the beach!" Pretty sure she borrowed that line from Dora. :) When we were at the beach, she was collecting shells and throwing them into the water but I saw her take one and hold it up to her ear real quick to see if she could hear the ocean. So cute and clearly Dora is a very good teacher because I don't think I showed her that! :)

Today when it was naptime Vi dropped her babies on the hardwood floor on the way to her bed and said, "nigh nigh honey."

I'm sure there is more I could document but I have this little rugrat at my feet as I type this so it's time to go...

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Only 31 more minutes left of our 6th anniversary! Adam surprised me with a little staycation tonight. Here's the view from our room (that I think might be more square footage than our house) before we left to stuff our faces at dinner. Nothing like a good excuse to celebrate/pig out! Good times. Happy Anniversary to us!

Here's a pic my dad sent me of Olivia a little after Adam dropped the girls off for their sleepover. Party time with Diego! Clearly they are missing us so much.

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family picture time!

this is not really a chronological update but....

it was a rare moment to have all of adam's family in town at the same time (except for uncle nate!), so we had to take advantage and attempt some family pictures. mix our crazy kids with this florida heat and you know it's going to be a great time! we did the best we could with tired, hot and insane children who we attempted to bribe with a bowl of m&m's for good behavior. i almost love the pics the way they are versus having some perfectly posed shots of everyone looking at the camera because let's be serious... that would NOT be reality! 

 papa joel & gigi with all 10 grandkids

 choas before we attempted to organize them

 missing a couple in this one. violet is thrilled to be restrained, can't you tell?

 so many funny things about this picture. crazy kids!

 each of them had a piece of bread to feed the ducks but they opted to feed themselves instead. :)

 the whole group... minus adam's brother matt and courtney's husband nate....photoshop??

another try

 our family took a few candid shots at the fountain since getting my girls to sit still at 5pm in the blazing heat was NOT an option, nor was it worth the effort...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prissy Pants

Violet has taken on quite the little personality these days and it is definitely making us laugh. She is so chatty and has started saying just about anything. The past few days it's been, "Oh maaaan!" (Taken from our friend swiper the fox) and "Oh, gosh!!" (Taken from me when I had to slam on the breaks in the car the other day) She has become obsessed with putting this Cinderella dress up on whenever she can get her hands on it and can often be found pushing her baby around the house in it. The past couple days she's thrown the weird newborn Velcro sunglasses into this mix. This morning I heard her freaking out in the family room and when I ran to see what happened, I found her very upset that she couldn't get the sunglasses to stay on her baby. Guess she'll just have to keep wearing them herself instead! I laughed so hard when I was taking these pics... So much so that Violet started looking at me weird, kind of freaked out. Clearly she was clueless as to what could be so funny... She was looking good in her mind, I'm sure!

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