Friday, August 31, 2007


adam is driving home right now. woohoo!

fall foilage

so i just booked the hotel for the wedding of 2 of my high school friends, matt and lindsay. they are getting married in bridgeton, maine in october...i've never been to maine but i hear it's beautiful so i'm excited! i think this will be the perfect time of year to go. these are pics of the church they're getting married in and the house where the reception is. i'm a bridesmaid... basically the only reason we're making the splurge to go. next step: finding plane tickets that aren't $500 a piece. ugh!

on another note.... i really need to leave work right now. it's one of those days where you think it's going to be great just because it's friday but then you get there and realize your pants are too tight (and they don't have an ounce of stretch in them) and your white shirt is getting dirtier by the second. and that you really should get your roots attended to and that you are starving and only brought grapes with you. AND that people are really bothering you and that you have way too much to do... and that the best solution is to simply stack and prioritize all your work...and let it wait till monday! ahh, i wish. i've already skimped on my work attendance this week so leaving early today is probably dumb. but considering it's only 10:23am, don't be surprised if you can't find me here after 3. we'll see how long i last! happy friday!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

nymnastics and cleotards

aren't they cute? reagan and ruby started gymnastics on thursday, which they called nymnastics, and they were soo excited to wear their pink "cleotards." they were hilarious and apparently the class was a hit. i was so sad i couldn't go watch them hit the kiddie balance beam... it was at 10:30am and, alas, i was at work. however, they did share all their favorite parts of the class with me when i got home... including how much they loooved "jumping in the marshmallows," which i figured out meant jumping in those big foam pits they have at gymnastics studios. love it. it's been so great for me to have them as entertainment this summer, but i can't wait for a week from tomorrow when adam gets back. and- woohoo!- we sold the truck! well, i shouldnt jinx it-- it's not for sure till monday but the guy gave some nonrefundable money today so we're pretty sure he's in it to win it. we're so glad. now we're in a time crunch to buy something less gas hungry before next week or one of us (adam) will be riding the bus! :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

andi lane waters..........

is turning 12! stop this madness. andi is my little sister and i'm dying that she is turning 12 on wednesday. i was almost 12 when she was born...time has flown and many hilarious memories growing up have to do with this little munchkin following me around like my little pet. lucky for us, we were far enough apart that fighting wasn't really necessary. i just showed her off to my friends. andi and my other sisters, however, were not so lucky. plenty of journal entries saying how much they hated each other provide great laughs now.

i have the most adorable handmade letters and projects that she would send me in the dorms when i first left for BYU, complete with a homemade snowflake (basically a piece of computer paper put in the blender.. at least that's what it looked like) and very detailed artwork of her life at the time. so, this post is just a little early birthday wish to my now completely spoiled, stylish and totally smart 7th grade sister! she will readily tell you that she is taking algebra 1 for high school credit and that, while she isn't trying to brag, she is quite popular at maitland middle school. oh, what being the youngest will do to you! this picture was taken when she was little on a halloween where she just wanted to be "whatever she wanted." please note all the random items. weird frilly princess dress, gold gypsie headband and white leather clogs. love little ones. i love you andi, happy 12th birthday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

our american queen is getting hitched!

i realize that pictures are what make blogging exciting. so, here are some pics from jessie's bridal shower a few weeks ago. love her and love taylor... can't wait for the big day!!!

" this will be like...a good first night one?"

jessie & jen

heather, jessie, me & missy...ex-roomies 2003!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 days and counting.........

10 more days of being husbandless! i am pretty shocked at how well i've handled being away from adam since JUNE 19th!!! we've seen each other a few weekends but mostly it's just been long boring weeks of w-o-r-k for both of us. more boring for him than me, probably, since i had our hilarious nieces to entertain me every night when they chit chatted and played polly pockets with me, and every morning when they woke up at the same time i did and curiously watched me get ready. they are very confused as to where adam might be and have come up with a few places he might have gone. ruby (2) just figures he must've up and left me because he is "far, far away!!" and reagan (3) told her friends the other day that i was her aunt and would be living with her from now on because adam is on another mission. thankfully, neither are true and he will be back soon! well, i am flying down to AZ on the 31st (hence the 10 day mark) to pack up our apt. while he works for 2 more days. we'll drive back the sunday before labor day and then have monday off to get settled. wahoo!!!!!!!!! it has gone by faster than i thought, but then again, when i think of how it's only been TWO months... it's practically CRAWLED by!

Monday, August 20, 2007

good morning to me!

i hate milk. i NEVER drink it, and in my cereal, there is just enough to wet the cereal, only to be drained off before i take a bite. however, chocolate milk is doable for me. it has to be more chocolatey than milky, but i can handle it. i'll have it every now and then. but, after this morning, i will NEVER have it again. i walk in to my dark office today noticing a huge splatter mark on the wall behind my desk, where there is a huge flat screen TV with tons of IT nonsense on it. There is a counter just below that, where i notice there is a catering tray leftover from friday that was clearly not picked up. when i turn on the light i notice that there are two chocolate milks on the tray. then i smell. the freaking chocolate milk had exploded and managed to splatter what looked like brown chunky barf EVERYWHERE. and it had probably happened saturday when they clearly let the temperature get up to like 9,000 degrees--hence the explosion-- so don't worry, it had plenty of time to solidify.

ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! love mondays.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

overworked, underpaid

the other day i put my work key card in front of the diet dr. pepper button on the vending machine. i need a friday like you wouldn't believe.

in other news, we are trying to sell adam's truck. so if anyone out there in blogworld is interested in a 2004 black toyota tundra double cab with leather, it's your lucky day!!! small catch: it's in AZ till the end of the month with adam, so i guess it's not really available till then. needless to say, we need the gas guzzler out of here asap!

this is turning in to the quite the miscellaneous post but i need to follow up on my sytycd post from the other day. did anyone watch last night? someone please help my sweet neil-- sexy is not his thing. that hip hop was SO embarassing. and the foxes were ridiculous. i can't deal with wade anymore. anyway for once i actually liked danny when he danced with sabra so we'll see who wins tonight during the finale with 80% commercials and 20% dancing. woo hoo!

back to work.

Monday, August 13, 2007


ok so i'm really bored at work and thought i'd post some thoughts about what is making my day bearable you think you can dance? is on tonight!! i'm really depressed that the finale is wednesdsay.. what are my wed/thurs nights going to consist of?? summer TV is less than desirable except for this little gem. i am so bummed that sarah is gone, i think she is such a great entertainer...i hope lauren goes tonight just because she is annoying.. i don't love any of the girls anymore. i like neil the best i think. pasha is hilarious but basically just because he is such a dork. i cannot STAND danny but i guess i should act like i actually care if these people are good dancers and not just judge them based on their personalities...which are oh-so-LAME sometimes. i don't want danny to win but oh well. we shall see!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Wade

Our little nephew wade-o potato (as his sisters are affectionately calling him) was born yesterday! He is a cute little mellow guy and already very adored. I took the girls down to see him after work and they were very excited. I saw just about the funniest/sweetest thing ever during the visit. Little Ruby was just beside herself when they wheeled him in to hang with the fam...she was on her tip toes trying to reach in to the crib thing to pat him and once she did, she took a step back, flailed her arms wildly, and- in the best high pitched, baby voice squeal that her 2 yr old self could come up with- she said, "Hi baby boy, it's me RUBY! It's me RUBY!" It was so hilarious... not to mention completely adorable. She totally thought they knew each other and that he should sit up and say something like, "Oh- hey sis." She was so thrilled to welcome the little dude in to her world and I loved every second of it. Both Ruby and Reagan are at such a cute age to have a new little sibling. Wade brought them presents from "mom's belly" which included cinderella coloring books, candy and play dough. They were thrilled and VERY inquisitive about how in the world baby Wade knew that they needed some play dough. Reagan gave Wade a little pat on the belly goodbye and thanked him profusely for bringing such great gifts. When we got in the elevator she said to me, "Our baby boy is so nice to bring us presents...he will ALWAYS love us." And, I'm guessing, the girls will love "always" love him for the great gifts he brought!

Bigger & Better

So I'm really trying to get in to this blogging thing-- mostly as a time waster during lulls at work. So, I deleted my other one and I'm back... this time I'm gonna go big or go home. Think really fancy blog- coming soon.