Monday, September 12, 2011

olivia turned 3!

yep, it wasn't blogged about (until now), but olivia did in fact turn 3 on july 15th. with all the mckinnon cousins in town, we decided to just do a family only party. both of our local families plus the out of towners made for more than enough people... close to 30 i think? we went with a pink flamingo theme and had pizza, pasta, fruit & veggies and a flurry of too many desserts that we all binged on for days and days after the party. apparently my party planning weakness is totally overestimating how much people are going to eat. oops.anyway, here are some (mostly blurry) pics!

 on her actual birthday (we did the party the next day), we were still at the beach so we did some pancakes (her fav) and sang happy birthday.

 chowing down!

blurry iphone pic 

oh look, another blurry iphone pic

 the invitation

 cousin mckinley at the drink station

i ordered that little palm tree cooler from oriental trading... i couldn't resist

i'll let the pics speak for themselves.. including all the ones with violet holding 2 pieces of pizza. the girl loves to eat. olivia, not so much. auntie ashley was nice enough to make some tasty ginger snap cookies to add to the dessert spread because i knew olivia would not be eating her birthday cupcake. she is not a dessert person (wish i could say the same!) but she does love ginger snaps. random, i know!