Friday, November 30, 2007

happy birthday jessie janie!!

24 years ago one of the funniest, sassiest, smartest, most generous and loving people i know was born!!! i'm happy to say that the last 5 (almost 6) years have been all the more enjoyable because of this gal. it honestly seems like we've known each other so much longer, and our fateful meeting in helaman halls in 2002 was really meant to be!! i don't have my computer right now so the many hilarious and embarrassing pictures i would post are not accessible. instead, here is one to commemorate this special day. and, conveniently, it's from your birthday last year! i will try and post more later. jess, happy birthday!! i love you and i hope your special wife/husband only birthday is a-mazing! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love Jermaine

1- yesterday was a horrible day at work and i was very much dreading the call i had to make to sprint on my way home regarding our outrageously inaccurate cell phone bill. we are supposed to have unlimited texts and some how, 2 bills back, the little lady i talked to decided to remove that from our plan and we were consequently charged like $300 in texts. anyway, that's not that point. the point is, i opted to take an approach i had been told works wonders with sprint. you see, ordinarily when i call, the call volume is such that i am on hold for 25 minutes or more. sometimes, even, they say "we're sorry, due to our unusually high call volume, we cannot accept your call. GOODBYE!" this generally raises my blood pressure.

so, yesterday, i say to the prompt when it asks why i am calling, "CANCEL CONTRACT," to which i am quickly greeted with , "hello this is jermaine in account services, how can i retain your business?" baahahaha. not only did i skip the phone bank but i am literally almost in tears when i hear that jermaine's english is not only comprehensible, but excellent! i'm not racist or judgemental or any of that when it comes to these types of things but i'm SORRY--you cannot help me if the only thing you can say is "i'm sorry you are getting misinformation!!!!".... in an accent i'll let you determine. anyway, jermaine hears me out and adjust my balance NO PROBLEMO. i seriously was about to cry. so jermaine, if you happen to be a blogger, adam & abbie are sending you some love. you made my day!!

2- many of you are aware that the byu/utah game is this weekend in provo. may i please suggest a way in which this game can provide some additional entertainment: my darling adam mckinnon will be presenting a 1 million dollar check to the athletic department after the 3rd quarter... cool, right? well it was only after adam accepted this supposed honor that he was told he would be doing the deed wearing a construction hard hat, as the check is partly from the CM department. hahaha! please don't throw tomatoes at him... he is a little concerned about that. but don't worry, if you miss this gem i will be posting the pics i get of it next week!

happy thanksgiving break!

Friday, November 9, 2007

these days

these days not much is going on that is picture worthy. however, we have been doing stuff that i feel is worthy of a post!

1- after all my crap talk about people waiting at cheesecake factory for 3 1/2 hours, we gave in on wednesday night. i had to return something at the mall so we figured it was worth a shot. we were shocked when we called at 4:10 and they said it was only 10 minutes! we ran out the door and got up there at 4:40, only to be told it would be 45 min-1 hr. still, not bad, right? so we go in to nordstrom (that's the nice thing-- it's so close that we figured the buzzer would work at least inside that store) and i'm heading up stairs to return something and our buzzer goes off! woo hoo! we only waited like 15 minutes. we decided on buffalo blasts for appetizer and i got the beloved turkey burger for my meal. needless to say that spicy, cheesy grease heaven did NOT do well and adam was regretting our trip a little bit when i was at home rolling on the floor having a cramp attack from the dumb grease blasts. oh well. delicious.

2- for those of you who don't know, adam has been a great sport this semester and has been taking the bus to provo to save on gas (since i already commute to SLC)....and yesterday morning was a hilarious experience. he had to get to the bus stop at 6am so we get to the bus stop with what we think is a few minutes to spare.. and then all the sudden we see the bus speeding down state street about to pass adam's stop across the street because no one is there. adam RUNS across state street right in front of the intersection to flag down the bus...what is most funny about this is that he also had a few items in tow. he had a donut, 44 ounces of DC, his computer bag and his leftover cheesecake factory in a little grocery bag to hold on to as he darted in front of traffic to stop UTA. talk about LOL. he called me afterward to say people on the bus were giving him weird looks and he wasn't sure if it was the smashed donut all over his shirt or the fact that he was limping because he "pulled a hammy" running. ANYWAY- i'm sharing this so i can laugh some more but also so i can pay tribute to katie's artwork she created, in honor of this blessed event. jokes aside, i am soo grateful adam is good to me and rides the bus...i am not so bus-savvy. i rode it once and i was nervous the whole time they were going to miss my stop. so usually when adam asks if i can ride the bus, i pretend like i'm still sleeping. haha jk.

3- last night i picked up my nieces in springville and then we stopped at BYU to have dinner w/adam.. which turned out to be bringing pizza in to this study room and eating there.. which resulted in lots of weird looks as all of these people thought adam and i had 3 kids.

sorry there aren't more pictures to represent what has been going on with us this week. i will do better!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

it's someone's birthday in new york!

february 2005

happy birthday katie! hope your hip NYC b-day dinner is all you've hoped for! you are a fabulous friend and here are a few reasons why:

you think "papper" is as funny as i do.

you gchat with me ALL day at work!

we are a little bit the same...

we love our 12 yr old sisters and their pre-teen antics.

we are related? ok maybe not, but basically.

have a great day!!! PS- i realize this picture is absolutely disgusting, but it carries a hilarious memory. couldn't resist.

Monday, November 5, 2007

cousin love in the tub!

ps- i feel like this blog makes it look like i have like 15 children.. no, not the case. all we do is work and hang out with our nieces, though, so it makes for an interesting twist on blogging! i promise if we ever do anything different/picture worthy, i'll post it.. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

happy halloween!

just had to share some pictures from the ocean theme going on last night. reagan was determined to have me be a mermaid with her, so don't mind my makeshift costume. do note my dress up clip on earrings that match her crown, though. sadly, adam had class so he could not participate. at the last minute we thought of what would've been a great costume for him...a shark (ruby) bite victim! for those of you who know of adam's shark encounter as a kid, this is oh so appropriate! maybe next year!
happy turtle!
ocean theme in full effect