Friday, January 29, 2010

this & that

say what? mom, these bouncy seats are totally for 27 lb toddlers like me. don't you worry.

don't mind her smiley face tat. that would be the allergist trying to make her laugh during her testing the other day...which confirmed that she is definitely allergic to wheat. awesome. for another post. however, i will say that wheat-free waffles are surprisingly tasty.

our little mini in the bathtub this morning.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


so overall, we're not really thinking olivia and violet look much alike. these shots are practically identical and it is cracking me up how much bigger olivia looks (top) basically just because of her big noggin. they were only 5 ounces different in weight but violet has a much smaller head, as you can clearly see. i will say they have the exact same little furrowed brow and maybe the same mouth? that's about it though, i think. i'll blog more later about what's been going on around here since the arrival of sister #2.... just thought this was a funny little comparison.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

family of four

baby violet is here!

born 1/20/2010 @ 11:00am

7 lbs 12 oz & 20 inches long

our other little baby is doing pretty good. despite what this picture suggests, she only wanted me to hold her for about 30 seconds of her visit to the hospital. the rest of the time was spent ignoring the baby and eating her popcorn and dora fruit snacks. she was more concerned that she might possibly be at a doctor's office which she did not much like. once she left with my parents, i think she was practically relieved. she's been staying with them and, from what we hear, seems to be enjoying herself. lots of attention and freedom and no baby = olivia's dream right now.
notice the strategic to-the-side hold. a bit difficult with a 27lb child, but the alternative was 27lbs on top of my very recent c-section. not good.

Friday, January 8, 2010

my little flower head

why do these towels never get old? so funny. olivia LOVES the tub but she also loves getting bundled up in her towel to catch some dora or read a few books before bed. tonight we went with the dora option which is why she is trying to maneuver around the camera to see her favorite friends on the TV.

cold weather+SEVERE binky addiction= chronic chapped lips.

her eyelashes are so long. seriously twice the length of mine. must be nice. i need some of this pronto.

"move it, mom."

ps- baby sister to be born january 20th if not before. 12 days or less! still no name, though i suppose we are narrowing it down. olivia is in for a REAL shock and i'm getting kind of nervous about it.....but i have finally bought newborn diapers and washed a few newborn purchases i've made over the past few months and i'm getting excited to have a teeny tiny one again verrrry soon. hopefully olivia doesn't trample her...pretty sure she's gonna try!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

christmas 2009

before you scan this slew of photos that cleary indicate i have no photography skills whatsoever, here's what we did over the holiday:

christmas eve with my grandparents+aunts+uncles+1 million cousins
christmas day on our own in the morning/afternoon and christmas night with my family and a sprinkling of adam's family at my parents' house. good times! enjoy the photos....

the only (bad) picture i got of our tree...

O getting her scribble on with aunt allison. i was on the other side of the camera thrilled that she will sit with someone else. she is clingy to the max lately.

really wondering whether or not this toy horse is real. so funny. she tried to sit on it, too.

playtime with her aunties on christmas eve. not sure what that face is about but she always loves a necklace to feel beautiful.

little sleepy face waiting to go downstairs on christmas morning!

"mom, this is totally lame and taking WAY too long!!"

the first walk by produced little to no interest. she was more interested in sprinting to her favorite thing-- gigi's glass candleholders.

refocused and cruisin' in style!

a nice moment with her babydoll. these are rare, mind you.

adam enjoying present time with some bubbly water. totally necessary at 8:30am.

opening her new dora dishes with dad....

her true love (dora). apparently her entire christmas could've cost only $4.99.....

checking out the microphone her texas cousins sent. anything that makes noise with the push of a button is a hit with this one.

sharing her beloved dora with aunt andi and cousin riley

coleman about to put on a rousing performance of some sort...

mckinley up to no good

the cuzzies fine dining for dessert at their private table.

happy new year!