Thursday, December 18, 2008

queen of the playground

time to go home. it's december 18th and i'm sweating.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

week in review

i took a lot of pictures the past few days so for journaling's sake, i'll blog them. enjoy... or not!

a monumental photo.. we think olivia is over her habit of screaming her head off at the sight of any other people- including my dad! we had to document this moment for proof. 

photo op with grandma, too.

at my cousin collin's wedding

a little photo shoot with her new red christmas bow. turns out it's not the same red in her dress so we're switching to black. these things are important, right?

sitting up...almost! not really- she only lasts for like 8 seconds but she looks cute while it lasts! she's also learned how to pull her bow from her head to down around her neck where she can chew on it. so, lots of repositioning going on here.

first time at play group. not so much playing considering she sat in her seat the whole time but she did like being outside, i think.

"really mom- you can leave me here with my friends."

olivia's sunday best! she has some room to grow in her tights. blame it on the thunder thighs.

slamming a bottle without any help from mom.
our first christmas tree. this is our 4th christmas married yet our first tree....i guess that's what happens when you travel for the holidays. so we're glad to be "home" this year. 

last night my mom and dad watched olivia while we went to a christmas party and when we went to pick her up, my mom sent me upstairs to find this- so cute! apparently they fell asleep like this, which is only so funny because olivia normally does not fall for this type of snuggling. auntie andi did the trick, i guess!

Monday, December 8, 2008


so we/i probably should've blogged about these events separately but too late. here is a little medley of photos that show what we've been up to since thanksgiving. we made a quick trip to UT for thanksgiving so the wingets could meet baby olivia. she was a hit and we loved spending time with our old roomies! these pictures are in no particular or logical order. that's too hard.

hanging out with mom after thanksgiving dinner

so big in the tub! she is loving baths this way now. free to just swim around.

ruby selected this outfit to go to kneaders for breakfast while we were in UT. what's wrong with patent church shoes, a silky cinderella nightgown and a hoodie for a morning out with the fam? she did wear it, in case you were wondering. 

lots of this going on at the wingets. every time i took olivia upstairs, i could hear ruby trailing me to come in and "check on her" or "give her presents," which were lots of mcdonalds toys she had been saving for olivia. she assured me that the ones that were reagan's would go unmissed and that olivia could take them home. 

adam with some of his favorite girls at advent dinner.

a random funny shot of olivia taking a bath with her cousins...she was a little nervous as you can see but they all have a look like they're getting busted for something in this shot. did someone pee in the tub?!

katie and cameron were in town while we were there so they fit in a quick dinner with us...good times!

coordinating cousins at advent dinner (not on purpose).

family photo....

smiles all around!

getting some exersaucer training from cousin wade-o.

we've been having fun gearing up for christmas and have a busy weekend ahead so maybe some more organized blogging next week??