Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pumpkin patch 2010

seems i never get good pictures at the pumpkin patch. last year's weren't much better. this year, we decided to go at the very last second one night...hence everyone's end of the day haggard appearance. specifically- my grossness, olivia's frizzies, and their non-festive outfits which adam deemed polygamist dresses on the way there. whatever! major clearance at target doesn't go unpurchased in this household (unfortunately) so sue me. enjoy this ridiculously belated post. i just scrolled through my iphoto and feel extremely overwhelmed. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Merry

I may be very behind on blogging, but at least my Christmas tree is up! Happy Holidays.... Don't give up on this little blog... She'll come back one of these days!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

fall festival

here is my first attempt to get caught up on blogging. i am sooo behind. so, things might be short and sweet for a while until i'm up to current day... if that ever happens! i think there are probably things to blog before this, so maybe we'll be doing things a little out of order, but that's ok.

back in october, olivia's preschool had their annual fall festival. they go allllll out. we went with olivia's cousins coleman and mckinley. coleman goes to the same school. here are a few pics.....good times.

 my little preschooler being camera shy

 violet in her second home..the stroller. good sport! 

 olivia and mom on the train. she loved it.

 hugs for cousin coleman and his cotton candy!

 they had a camel at the petting zoo. olivia was having none of that. too scary. that's her new favorite thing to say lately. "i scaaaaaaaaaaared!" i wish i could record the voice she says it in. we stayed at adam's uncle's house one of the nights we were in UT and i had her sleep in the bedroom next door. she's usually fine doing stuff like that and likes having a big bed all to herself, but i guess she heard me with violet or doing something she did not quite like, because i heard her yelling from the other room, "HEY! i SCAAAARED!" it was only funny because it seemed like what she was really meaning was, "um- do not leave me in here in the dark to go play with that sister of mine..." but we all know being scared is a good excuse!

 cousin mckinley made a special request to have a butterfly face painting instead of whatever they were offering. apparently the other options did not suit her style!

 violet with her signature smile

attempt at a family photo. olivia was VERY thirsty and did not want to stop guzzling her drink for a picture. :)