Thursday, January 27, 2011


Olivia opted to not take a nap yesterday. Rare for her but I don't mind because she is always ready for bed at like 7. She was literally snoring by 7:15 last night and did not wake up till 9:30 this morning. Of course, as usual, V was up at 7 on the dot. Anyway- apparently 14.5 hours of sleep gives you major bedhead. I wouldn't know.

"honestly? no photos please."

watching violet do a song and dance outside her crib like she was saying, "umm get up! it's sooo awesome out here!"

breakfast and cartoons while savoring her last few moments with her blanket and binkie. monday i decided NO more of either during the day. at all. i've said that before, but i would be casual in my hiding places or just throw it back in her bed which just meant she'd go find it if she got the urge. now they both go in very good hiding places all day. she gets them for sleep only. she's been doing surprisingly awesome. she doesn't even look for them when before, she was always dumping out my purse to find them. in the next little bit i'm going to take the binkie for good and keep the blanket on a sleep-only deal. wish me luck!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby land

Violet is a single mama to many babies. We have 6. So, she is often found doing this. She is a good mommy, though, and doesn't have favorites. She keeps them on a good rotation. She needs to work on her baby handling skills though since this morning she was carrying one in her mouth to keep a free hand...probably for another baby! Love our little mother hen.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday V!

Happy Birthday yesterday to our sweet baby sister. We had such a fun day at Sea World and we're having a little family party on Sunday, so I'll post more later. For now, here she is enjoying a birthday donut before we left! Can't imagine life without our funny, crazy, curious, lovable troublemaker!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

the zoo, new magic t-shirts and a very special seashell (november 2010)

olivia's preschool class does an unofficial playgroup each month. someone takes turns being in charge...aka: picking the location and providing snacks! in october we went to the zoo. i decided to swap violet out for olivia's cousin mckinley who is the same age and also easier to manage at a place like the zoo. violet just wants out of the stroller at all times and at the time, she wasn't walking yet, so it just would've been a disaster.

 reading their books on the way there!

 ready to go!

 olivia and eloise

 on the train with our dum-dums...check!

 little cousins who look NOTHING alike! 

 adam got olivia and violet new orlando magic t-shirts at a game one night.. olivia's says "howard #12" on the back, lol 

 another crappy picture from my phone...but it's all i got! 

 we went to a cute toy store in town on this night where they have a little rock collector's nook where you can fill up a little bag for $5 or something. olivia was having fun picking and choosing some favorites. 

 violet (in her new sporty magic shirt) going to town on a mini baby that we had to buy because by the time i realized she had yanked it off the shelf, she had chewed the price tag off and the whole doll was a soggy mess. one more for the collection! 

go magic!

olivia's classmate eloise went on a beach vacation and brought back shells for everyone. so cute. olivia really liked it and kept saying it was her "sea-sell."

halloween recap (feel free to skip)

 getting halloween started off right trying on her first dress up!

 church trunk or treat

 with a friend from nursery. note: violet is not in nursery yet, but she is so crazy at church we can often be found hanging out there. :) 

 loving running around the gym in her ballerina best!

 big bag of lays...healthy

 sharing with dad

checking out the buffett! she had the perfect ballerina bun. lots of hairspray, that's for sure. 

 preschool halloween parade

 "hey, that's my mom!"

 some of the other kiddos...checking out all the costumes was hilarious. they were all a little overwhelmed at the big crowd and loud music. always entertaining!

 an attempt at a class picture. the kids were all over the place and olivia had no interest in sitting down

 jay had his mom's video camera in front of him so that's the only explanation i could come up with for why she did this. that or she has a major crush?? he was so cute and just went with it!

 when she first saw me and realized i was there for the party! so funny.

 cool outfit. we were supposed to send in clothes to change into after the parade, but i just sent some shorts and told them to swap out the tutu. 


 her little ghost cake that she frosted/sprinkled but had no interest in eating

she did not want to take a picture for some reason. and could i look more tired? yikes.

stopping by papa joel and gigi's with the cousins...adam's dad looking like a ghost in the glass (really on the other side of the door :) )

at my parents' halloween party. olivia not a fan of being photographed this holiday, i guess.

mckinley, coleman, olivia. not sure what they're looking at.

cute girl with her cuzzies

wrapping the night up with mom!

phew! that felt good. i have soooo many pics from october - january and the blogging process when you have a lot of pictures to post is kind of laborious aka annoying. here's to catching up!