Friday, January 14, 2011

halloween recap (feel free to skip)

 getting halloween started off right trying on her first dress up!

 church trunk or treat

 with a friend from nursery. note: violet is not in nursery yet, but she is so crazy at church we can often be found hanging out there. :) 

 loving running around the gym in her ballerina best!

 big bag of lays...healthy

 sharing with dad

checking out the buffett! she had the perfect ballerina bun. lots of hairspray, that's for sure. 

 preschool halloween parade

 "hey, that's my mom!"

 some of the other kiddos...checking out all the costumes was hilarious. they were all a little overwhelmed at the big crowd and loud music. always entertaining!

 an attempt at a class picture. the kids were all over the place and olivia had no interest in sitting down

 jay had his mom's video camera in front of him so that's the only explanation i could come up with for why she did this. that or she has a major crush?? he was so cute and just went with it!

 when she first saw me and realized i was there for the party! so funny.

 cool outfit. we were supposed to send in clothes to change into after the parade, but i just sent some shorts and told them to swap out the tutu. 


 her little ghost cake that she frosted/sprinkled but had no interest in eating

she did not want to take a picture for some reason. and could i look more tired? yikes.

stopping by papa joel and gigi's with the cousins...adam's dad looking like a ghost in the glass (really on the other side of the door :) )

at my parents' halloween party. olivia not a fan of being photographed this holiday, i guess.

mckinley, coleman, olivia. not sure what they're looking at.

cute girl with her cuzzies

wrapping the night up with mom!

phew! that felt good. i have soooo many pics from october - january and the blogging process when you have a lot of pictures to post is kind of laborious aka annoying. here's to catching up!

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Katie said...

O sitting on the boy's lap pic is HILARIOUS. Love her little bun!