Wednesday, August 27, 2008

baby blogging

sorry all i do is post pictures of our baby. but, let's be honest-- what am i really doing that warrants taking pictures of myself? maybe next time. anyway, these are some pictures i took today of olivia taking a bath. i thought i'd document it since she has just recently decided she likes her little tub. she especially loves being wrapped up in the towel afterwards and screams when i take it off to put lotion on her. i realize she's not exactly all smiles in these pictures either, but before it was lots of raised eyebrows and furrowed brows as a precursor to a wailing cry once the bath started. now it's great R&R for our little porker!

all tuckered out afterwards. her little receding hair line is getting pretty bad... but today we got extra bored so i brushed it out with the little hospital comb. i am loving the curly wings on the side. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

bat trapping & our 3 week old

hard to believe olivia was 3 weeks old on tuesday! it kind of feels like a long time ago now but things have been a bit of a blur since i've been so tired! we've had so much fun getting to know this little lady, though. here are a few pictures: 

in other news, we had an incident here at the house the other day involving what we thought were bats in the fireplace. i decided this when on sunday night, while in the kitchen, i heard what sounded like a car dying that would not start...and it was sooo loud. it continued in to the next day and we determined that the birds/bats/whatever that can sometimes be heard down through the chimney had indeed made it DOWN the chimney and were in the fireplace. during work on monday, adam made a few calls to find out how much it would be to have them "removed." when he was told it would be $400, we decided to deal with it ourselves. i called my dad over for back up and he agreed to come over after adam and i got home from a b-day party that night. however, when i heard wings flapping and saw a black "bird" with pointy open wings laying on the floor under the piano, i decided it was a bat and my dad came over right away. a few minutes before that, adam got home and geared up for his encounter with the bat family.

soooo, it wasn't a bat at all, just a noisy bird and her noisy family. my dad got the mom in a fishing net in a few seconds and we let her fly away. when we still heard the noise we were shocked to find these bald little babies in the fireplace. 

so sad! sad enough that instead of letting them die in the front yard, adam drove them to some "bird lady" the humane society told us about who took them in but warned us that the mom would probably be back.... so here is our temporary solution......