Thursday, September 27, 2007

grumpy pants

i've been in a bad mood this week, kind of. not 100% of the time, but most of the time. i've been sick with an ugly head cold... and i think sometimes that makes you mad because you want to just forget about it but you only can to about 90% because the ocassional blurry vision and the feeling that your stuffed up head weighs 40 lbs can only be forgotten to a certain extent. so THEN... you can't stay up late and watch all the new tv shows on and just relax after work... because really you just need to go to bed. but you don't want to just go to bed and wake up only to go to work again because that's no fun. it's especially no fun when you're not loving your job. i don't know what it is...maybe i just don't like working?? i'd like to think there is something i could do that would help me enjoy working more. last night i got my hair done (i'll expound on this in a moment) and i came home and told adam maybe i should go to hair school because then i could be my own boss. haha. maybe that's my problem.. i'm too bossy to be bossed. especially when i'm being bossed about something i don't even want to be doing!! wow- you can stop reading here if you want. i just need to blab about myself and how i am indeed GRUMPY PANTS these days. but then it's like if i quit, would i be happy? no. not that i'm considering it but you know.. it's nice to toy with the idea. i seriously think my sickness (coupled with benadryl max. strength) is making me a little nutty. i just can't focus and maybe it's because of that. whatever. either way i'm realllly wanting it to be friday for the rest of my life. then i could always have the next day off. ok i'm REAL tempted to keep blabbing about this but i'll move on. my hair... i've gone to the dark side. like really dark, kind of. i mean it's hard to say what it will settle in to without washing it at all (and we all know i'm not a frequent washer), but i'm liking it. it's definitely bittersweet to say goodbye to being blonde but i'm trying to turn in to someone who changes more frequently and can embrace it for a little while. it's fun to see what i look like when i look TOTALLY i'm enjoying it. when i came home poor ruby didn't even recognize me.. she just kept staring. reagan broke the silence and goes, "abbie.. you got something... like different or something...with your hair..." funny. jessie's wedding is a week from tomorrow and then the wed. after that we're leaving for new york! i'm excited for a little break.. maybe that will take me out of this grumpy spell. ps- i promise the next post will be allll about things i'm happy about/grateful for.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


can i get some feedback on this hair color?

don't tell mom the babysitter's dead....

ok not really. but you would've wondered too if you came home to this on friday night. adam babysat while nate had his scout campout (in the backyard) and courtney and i went with a friend to do some shopping at gateway. the house was silent and everyone was sleeping, but it wasn't until we were headed to bed ourselves that we (including adam the babysitter) noticed one of his charges passed out at the top of the stairs. either adam was having a crazy party with the toddlers or reagan was looking for her mom and became a little too tired to make it back to her

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

wedding bells in the fall...

ok who knew the fall was such a popular wedding time... at least in 2007. our friends tom and ashley got engaged last night and that makes 4 weddings this fall that we're going to! my little bunny's (jessie) on october 5th, my HS friends in maine on october 12th, adam's HS friends in florida on october 19th, and now tom and ash at either thanksgiving or christmas! luckily i love these peeps a lot..because they are about to empty the pocketbook for these trips... happy weddings everyone.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

sweet sisters

the little ladies in newport during their stay for the byu/ucla game

say cheese!!!

ok, so we went camping last weekend with our friends the conleys and tom and ashley...that is another hilarious post that i will provide you with later. but, i mention it because when i got home, i was totally annoyed to find that all the pictures that i had taken were blurry! here i am actually trying to document something fun that we do and i get crap pictures. i think it's because my little digi cam is on its last leg. it just can't stand up to the new ones anymore. it's only from 2004 but apparently that is ancient in technology land. so i post this to ask if anyone who reads my blog has a good camera recommendation. i just want one that takes good pictures, doesn't cost $1500, and that doesn't require a 20 second button hold before it finally takes a picture-- and a bad one at that! people can only hold their smiles for so long. any suggestions would be fabulous. thanks. back to work.

Friday, September 7, 2007

daddy dearest

this picture is freaking me out. it's my dad when he was little. any of you that have seen pictures of me at this age can see how much it looks like me...EXACTLY like me. unfortunately i don't have any childhood pictures on my work computer to show you what i'm talking about.. but i just had to share. hilarious... we really are related!

thursday's menu

i felt that this was worthy of a post. whether it's to gross myself out or give all of you a good laugh, who knows. maybe both. this is what i consumed yesterday, in order:

2 pieces of pizza, 2 donuts, red vines, beef jerky, bbq beef sandwich, chips, pasta salad, frosted brownie, oh yes, another piece of pizza, nachos, about 100 ounces of soda (throughout the day).... DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

crazy weather

is anyone else freaked out by this weird UT weather?? the past few days have been really stormy. last night i seriously thought the windows were going to break in on me while i was watching tv. trees were about to snap and the lack of rain made the bizarre wind/thunder/lightening business all the more weird. right now in downtown slc a ton of street lights are out and it is getting worse by the minute. i am secretly hoping the power goes out so we can all go home!!! jk. i shouldn't complain about work so much on this blog. i just can't resist. i guess i should enjoy this weird weather while it lasts, though. winter is about to show its ugly little face and i can't deal with it!!! i mean i love nothing more than cute winter clothes...but the pasty, pale skin and unavoidable weight gain? i can go without that, thank you. in other news- reagan starts preschool today. she was excited enough this morning that when she woke up she hugged adam's leg at the refrigerator and goes, "adam- GOOD morning. this is the day of my school (insert 3 yr old shriek here)!!!"