Thursday, July 15, 2010

happy birthday to my princess baby

we are in the process of moving right now and today is hardly the birthday anyone could hope for...luckily she's only 2 and won't remember! we'll manage to do a little something birthday-ish today, but her real present is seeing storytime live (dora, diego, wonderpets, etc) at the beginning of august. i think i'm more excited than anyone. i think it will be so funny. it's a classic thing for kids to be terrified of (larger than life stuffed animals = traumatizing), but she loves dora SO much, so i don't think she'll know what to do. i think she'll like it in the end but we'll see.

anyway, can't believe you are 2 my little love. glad you are snoozing soundly still (at 9:40am) on your b-day while i blog this.

ps- this is the best picture i could find to use on my mom's computer... but i do love it. at the beach for my birthday weekend in june 2009.

Friday, July 2, 2010

pink zebra

olivia doesn't mess around on her date with dad to the grocery store at 9pm. that's what you get to do when your mom is too lazy to wake you up from your too-long nap.