Saturday, May 30, 2009

c/o 2009

so, my sister's graduation was yesterday. what a treat it was to sit with a baby through the program and 750 names. and i found out at the last second that i had to check my stroller at the entrance so thoughts of O going to sleep were lost. it was pretty much wrestlemania from minute one. luckily she let my dad take her out and she slept on him for about 45 minutes of the 2 1/2 hour ceremony. so, all in all, it actually wasn't that bad. a few of the 18 (yes, 18) valedictorian speeches were actually funny, sot that kept us humming along. congrats to aubrey! (adam had to work so he missed the blessed event.)

trying to keep busy during the ceremony...

mom, this is soooo lame

the graduate and my baby about to have heat stroke. it was SO hot.
me and the graduate

loving her some great-grandma at lunch afterwards

she is fascinated by teeth for some reason...

we seem to be having a lot of this type of shot...busy girl!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happy memorial day!

in typical american fashion, adam and i used a sacred united states holiday to shop till we dropped! we hit up the outlets in orlando and fortunately (unfortunately for our bank account), they did not disappoint. despite the extreme heat and humidity, olivia was a great sport. we decided to be like the other crazy tourists running around and snap a few shots...

so big!

where we did the most damage....

O giving me some 'tude in the car while we waited for dad
(yes, she did get in her carseat after this--don't judge me)

all better with a headband to slick back those sweaty locks!

clearly shopping wears her out, too.

enjoying another american tradition...
(these were actually taken the other day, but we did enjoy wendy's on the way home from the outlets so it's all the same)


we also went to do a little swimming with olivia's cousins coleman and mckinley, but we only had about 30 minutes in the pool before yet another torrential downpour started. the kids decided to have a little dance party inside and this is a clip i captured. if you can't tell, olivia is frantic to be able to stand up and copy the other kids, but she's very mad she can't. she finally just does what she has to do to get out of that dumb chair! 

**in all seriousness, adam did bring to my attention how many family members we have in our history that have given some type of this service to our country. i can honestly say i don't know how they did it. amazing. needless to say, we are grateful! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

10 months....

....and 7 days. olivia turned 10 months on the 15th so for my own journaling purposes, here are a few tidbits. feel free to not read on. :)

(i know i always put happy, cute pictures of my little tot on the blog, so here is a not-so-happy one. she was OVER the nap and as you can see, was not too happy with me.)

-she sleeps 10-12 hours (and an occasional 13!) a night no problem. i am so thankful for this.

-lately, she hates to be fed. she wants to hold whatever she's eating. this has required me to get a little creative with what she and her 2 teeth can eat for meals. even if i try to give her something tasty and non-baby food, she won't buy it if it's on a spoon. i tried to give her some delicious buttery mashed potatoes that i ordered solely for her the other day at a restaurant, but she refused them off the spoon. so instead the plate sat on my lap and slowly the mashed potatoes still disappeared. weird. (this isn't all the the time of course, because as you can see, our little chub eats just fine. she just thinks she's too busy to be fed like a baby i guess.)

-she loves her daddy and when she hears him stomping up the stairs after work, she goes nuts.

-she says "ha!" when i'm on the phone and is always saying "oohoooooooohh" at random times.

 -she says dada and mama but never on command. only when she feels like it or is very sad.

-she LOVES other babies and kids. it's almost embarrassing for me like she has never been socialized or something. she literally starts crying in the grocery store when she spots another baby, they have a little chit chat, and then the new friend heads toward another aisle, leaving us behind. how rude!!

-speaking of the store, she is a good little helper. she loves to sit up front and examine all our purchases. i've started buying the kids yogurt for her and it has little dumb cartoon pictures on it, and she will seriously stare at them each individually like they are little mini TV shows.

-she waves at everyone but it's not a pretty wave flowing through the air anymore. it used to be. now she just holds up this stiff arm salute at EVERYONE and won't take it down until they respond. (can you tell she is like #1 queen bee around here??)

-she loves the binkie but doesn't ever go completely ballistic for it so i'm glad to see she's only maintaining a moderate addiction. 

-she is TERRIFIED of yo gabba gabba. she doesn't watch that much TV but she will last for a little viewing of mickey mouse clubhouse or something... and sometimes yo gabba gabba comes on after. it is SO sad. i might just have to be the worst mom ever and stage an "incident" so i can record it. she buries her face in her blanket and just starts crawling away crying. i don't know what it is. the music? the host in the orange outfit? the scary weird puppet creatures? it's all a little scary so i guess i don't blame her. but it is pretty sad/funny.

-she is into EVERYTHING lately. emptying, unstacking, dumping, pulling, pushing, slamming...all that. oh and she loves the bathroom. she is always eyeing me to see if i'm not looking so she can make a beeline for the toilet. i've literally seen her look at me and then look at the bathroom and then back at me...and then cue the sprint crawl. lately i feel like i am constantly chasing her away from cords by the TV only to be trailing her to the trash can that she'll try to find a snack in. anyway.

-she loves animals. any chance she has to maul a cat (she has done this several times) or attempt to get too close to my parents' bulldog, she's all for it. it's always a kind of panicky fun, though. any minute could be a turn for the worse and she's always nervously laughing. she just loves a good thrill, i guess?

-she just recently started doing this fishy face that is so cute. it makes me look really fancy when i tell her to "do a fishy face" and she does it, even though she doesn't even know what i'm talking about and she started doing it on her own. maybe some sort of teething remedy?

-she gives the sweetest hugs (and occasional kisses when she feels like it), but if she's too busy playing to give you one, she just cocks her head (pretending to rest on a shoulder i guess?) to the side and smiles... a little pseudo-hug from a distance.

-she tries desperately to stand up via some crazy downward facing dog yoga position and gets very mad when it doesn't work. probably not the best approach to hoisting that little bod to the upright position. :)

so far, she loves the beach and the pool which make me so beyond happy...hopefully it lasts and hopefully i get her in swimming lessons asap since she has no fear.

ok, this was kind of a lot of stuff but a successful journal entry for me! happy 10 months to our little (big) baby!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i don't know how well you can see this picture, but the other day i caught olivia catching a flick in her bed during a nap. she had turned on her little light up music maker herself and propped herself up against the bumper in her crib. did she want some crackers and a bottle with that??


Saturday, May 16, 2009

rub a dub dubby...who loves the tubby??

olivia! (are you sick of her yet??)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

endless summer

we are making some great headway on our 2009 summer. it is roasty toasty here in florida, so we're hitting the beach as much as possible. i may get burned out, but i am feeling like i ought to set a goal of at least once a week. olivia (thankfully) LOVES it, so i figure i should take advantage of this time when it's easy.... one baby, and she naps under the umbrella and drinks her bottles in the sand. it makes me sooo happy! 

summer isn't summer w/o watermelon...she tried it at my mom's today. it was a hit!

we had another go at the pool the other day. much better this time. maybe because it was 4 million degrees outside...not so chilly in the water.

lunching on some sand. i'm convinced she actually likes it. she doesn't cry, just keeps sampling. salty?

naps under the umbrella after a dunk in the ocean to get rid of the sand.

pretty summer toes...


full belly after a bottle on the beach.

happy girl! 

playing in the tide.. she loves it.

posing for our friend molly who snapped some shots of the cousins at NS beach a few weeks ago. just in case you were wondering how i took such good pics... i didn't!

another molly special

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

look who's turning 27!!

happy birthday to adam....cute as can be. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

see previous post

apparently this is comfortable.....

(in a pack & play while our guests were here)

(sleeping soundly in her own bed)