Wednesday, April 21, 2010

summer gems

we have already picked these up in pink and purple at our local target. would've made it 3 pairs and gotten white as well, but they didn't have her size. AND, when i went on to get this picture, i noticed they also come in gold and silver. for $7 each, i will be building a little collection of these to get us through the summer. too cute.

Monday, April 19, 2010

baby vi vi

every time someone looks into violet's carseat, they expect to see a peacefully sleeping newborn. but, more times than not, she is staring back at them beneath her blanket with these big, brown eyes. it's pretty funny. people always act startled like, "oh! hello baby!" here's her best "at attention" look.

it should also be noted that olivia has actually been realizing that violet exists lately. she has given her toys and rocked her carseat saying, "dare...dare..." ("there..there..") progress!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

double trouble

this blog is not just babble. it even comes with highly sought after recommendations!!!

i figured since i have been so happy with my double stroller choice, i ought to share it. i get asked about it almost every time i'm using it. seriously. it is not technically a jogger, but it could definitely handle any run i'd be going on so unless you are running through some rough terrain at 15mph, i think you'd be okay... btw, it's the baby jogger city mini double stroller. one more fun fact: it fits through single doorways, so don't be fooled by the wide load concern people have with side by side strollers. can i get paid for this??

Friday, April 9, 2010

the gene pool

my uncle sent me this today and i had to share. my grandma is the one standing behind the chair. looks like that scowl made it through 3 generations because i see that face on olivia approximately 500 times a day. so funny.

Friday, April 2, 2010

great grands

we finally took violet to meet her great grandparents on sunday. there are about 95 kids running around like crazy (all my little cousins) when we go over there, so i wasn't sure if olivia would be able to hold her own without getting scared slash trampled. she fit right in though, and was perfectly happy to hang with the kiddies and cruise around like she owned the place. adam was complaining that she looked 5 years old in this outfit and asking if she could please not wear it anymore. lol. violet had a good time too. minimal crying and lots of cute smiles in her pretty pink dress. 

V with great grandma

snuggle baby

V with great granddaddy

adam talking crosswords with my grandma. both my grandparents are ridiculous crossword wizards and every time we go over, adam holds a crossword challenge even though beating them is completely impossible...

she sounds british when she plays with the phone. "allo? allo?"

doing some kind of dance number with my sister andi

kissy girl

thinking something is soo funny

i don't even know. weirdo.

am i on a roll with this blogging thing or what? 

rise and shine!

i guess i had to wake olivia up from her nap the other day and i happened to catch her coming back to life on my camera... she always does these huge stretches when she wakes up. too funny. judging by the far right pic, she could've used a few more zzz's.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

story of my life

the look of a 20 month old who is up to no good....

the look of a 20 month old who sees her task at hand...

the look of a 20 month old with a bad angle on the prize...

the look of a 20 month old contemplating her next move...

the look of a 20 month old going in for the gold...

the look of a 20 month old defying her mother!!!!!!

as you can tell by this beautiful story, the blankie and the binkie staying in the b-e-d is a lesson yet to be learned in our house. oh well. funny pictures, right?