Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"punkin catch"

monday night we hit up the pumpkin patch. there are lots of things i should probably blog from july to october, but i'm on a roll so we'll go with this for now. violet kept calling it the "punkin catch." i was surprised how into it she was. we've gone to this one 3 years in a row. what a difference a year makes!




Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4th of july beach week

wow, i am a loser. 3 months later i am finally posting about our week at the beach! 

adam got tickets to the coke zero 400 which is apparently one of the big races at the track in daytona beach (we were staying in new smyrna, a short drive away). so he, garrett and cameron soaked in a day/night at the track. i'm sure he'll be disappointed i'm only posting one picture but that's ok. they said it was pretty cool and definitely interesting! :)

both my kids had a mini sick day during the week. nothing a little tylenol couldn't cure, thankfully. 

cuzzies mckinley & violet 

olivia's little sicky day happened to be ON the 4th. she was NOT happy about coming down to the beach to take an obligatory, festive picture, but of course i'm a mean mom and tried to make her. looks like the pic turned out awesome, right?! 

ok, i'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.. we had a great time! 

 (so funny that i caught this one.. literally soaking up the sun!)

 love O running to the water in the back ground

 violet's first ice cream cone. she was in heaven, to say the least.

 yes, my then almost 3 year old with a binky. ughhhh

the end.