Thursday, January 29, 2009

uh oh domino

this makes me a little sad. i love the magazine and the website is even better-- really good, doable ideas on the cheap-o. my news junkie katie gave me this news this morning. how about they cancel some other stupid magazine like this?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

party in the park

olivia has been enjoying the park quite a bit lately. we may not stay long, but she's always up for a good swing. over the holidays, we went on one of adam's days off so he could see her in action. then, earlier this week, we did some time on the swings with olivia's cousins who were in town. here are the results:

christmas/new year's

here's the beginning of  a major catch up. this is in case i ever decide to do one of those blurb books. i'll need more than one post a month going for me. so, we begin with the holidays. note: these pictures are not in good chronological order....

olivia enjoying some tissue paper on christmas morning...

so big with her baby's first christmas bib. the PJs that went with it had apparently already endured enough of the festivities.
loving her cell phone and credit card from her jackson cousins.

first time in the high chair on christmas morning.

olivia liked her pint sized 'twas the night before christmas book. here she is getting a few pages in on christmas eve. 

smiley baby on christmas eve.
having a chat with great granddaddy waters in cocoa.

trying out the little rocker.

family photo on the sunday before christmas.

for new year's we went to dinner with adam's sister alex and her husband garrett. afterwards we went to a party hosted by adam's friend clark. above: adam and clark. below: us taking our obligatory new year's pic. welcome '09!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


olivia is slowly but surely letting us know she is done with the swaddle. this is a bummer because she falls asleep so much faster in her little cacoon. but lately she's been screaming when i put her in it until i finally come in and undo it and she is literally drenched in sweat. so, we're trying the non-swaddle which is also causing her to be a bit of a maniac. it's like she CANNOT relax enough to go to sleep these days so when she finally gives up and goes to sleep, it's right in the middle of her thrashing around her crib like a crazy baby. once she's out, she sleeps great, but lately it's been a bit of a challenge to get her in to sleep mode. here's how i caught her last night when she finally stopped crying and gave in to her tiredness. gotta love those chunky calves.

happy as can be with sleepy eyes this morning....

Monday, January 5, 2009

queen bee

little miss bossy did not mind wearing this crown (someone gave it to me at one of my showers) while she read her books by herself last night. she kept wanting me to pile all the books up in front of her. otherwise, she'd be lunging in to my lap to get the rest of what was rightfully hers. fine with me!