Tuesday, June 29, 2010


this post isn't really about anything in particular, just a little update from the pictures i just uploaded off my camera.....

cousin coleman loves babies....here he is snuggling up to violet at uncle matt's birthday party. 

magnifying glass was a big hit. violet is looking quite gigantic in these shots...

i'm too lazy to fix their red eyes but could olivia be more annoyed?? i love violet's face. just hanging with the big kids.

olivia woke up at 11am this particular morning. well, she woke up for the first time at 7 but she was whining and i could tell she was waking up on the wrong side of the crib. i let her go back to sleep, thinking she'd wake up around 9. not quite. little lazy bum and her wild child hair do.

at lowe's buying fans with dad.

i don't even know. worshipping dora? she loves to have her blankie draped around her when she gets a hold of it out of her crib....i think she is clapping along to something on dora (front and center 1 inch away from the TV...why do kids do this??). funny girl.

ok, that's all.

Monday, June 28, 2010

blog on the back burner

as you can see, i've taken a break from blogging. we closed on our house on june 9th and have been crazily renovating ever since. here's a sample of what's the closet to being completed. our tile guy should be wrapping up tomorrow and a few other things have no option but to be done by the end of this week so hopefully i'll have some more thrilling pictures for you. here's a slight before and (not quite) after from our little house straight out of 1957...as well as a before shot of the kitchen. don't worry, the yellow is going. all of it. although, i did contemplate keeping the wall oven for a little vintage charm. 


i thought it was funny that i ended up doing basically a slightly more up to date version of the octagon tile that was already in this bathroom. i like mine better though. and, as a bonus, new = clean. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what the 5 year old

i can't even handle these pictures. why is she 5 years old? it's funny, you'd think she would hate having her hair done but she actually lets me do it most of the time. i think she's learned that if i don't, she is constantly wiping her hair out of her face...very dramatically with both hands. i should get it on video sometime. it's pretty funny. so bothered by her lion's mane.

speaking of this mane, who thinks i should have it cut (again!) into this cute little bob? i love being able to pull it all the way back now, but this would be so cute to do again....stylish toddler all the way.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

big (literally) baby blessing

we finally blessed violet on sunday. here are a few shots....

my little pilgrim. she didn't wear the bonnet for the blessing, but we were having fun taking pictures of her with it on in relief society. 

little brown eyed girl

with auntie aubrey 

baby blue eyes was in rare form...we put her nap off longer than she would've liked, in case you can't tell.

this isn't even a good picture but i still love it because i'm pretty sure it's the only picture we have of all 4 of us so far. so sad!

me making an idiotic face with violet in her slobber soaked dress. she loves to bring her clothes up to her face and chew on them. awesome.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


they almost don't look as much alike with these big smiles, but the reason i took the picture in the first place is because i was standing above them talking and they were both staring at me with this IDENTICAL "can i help you?" look. 

PS we are days away from closing on our house and i would just like to say that design blogs = crack cocaine. thank you. bye.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

some things never change

see here and here.

is it bad that i contemplated moving her, but decided not to, in fear that she might wake up too early from her nap, not letting me get my very important nap time break in? fortunately she adjusted herself about 20 minutes later. good girl.