Tuesday, March 30, 2010


some things we are liking in our house right now...

olivia has developed a passion for these...we're giving the white cheddar cheetos a break i guess!

i have bought these for years. the ONLY string cheese i like. and them being light is just a bonus- they genuinely taste better than the full-fat ones in my opinion. 

100 calories for what tastes like chocolate cake

this is dangerous. available at your neighborhood costco. olivia loves it.

i've bought these for a while..low cals and good for lots of things. i may have had one with nutella on it before. tastes good.
i would rather die than do the south beach diet so nevermind the brand...i just thought these looked good. and they are good. jamie oliver (see below) would not be proud of me for eating this fake food garbage, but they taste. just. like. s'mores. delish.

this show...jamie oliver used to annoy me but this show is really interesting slash funny. maybe i'm going to become weird like him and only eat beets and carrots i just pulled out of the dirt in my backyard. jk. but he is convincing me....

Monday, March 29, 2010

bug eyes...8 weeks-ish

this little munchkin was feeling left out on the blog...

and this is what her weird, frizz frazz hair do looks like wet... curls? 

Friday, March 26, 2010


who would've thought this little sweetface had surgery today?! well, i feel kind of lame calling it that...but that's what the doctor called it and we did have to go to an outpatient surgical center and she did have a visit with the anesthesiologist to be put under for like 10 minutes so i think it's a legit claim. not to worry, she was only having tubes put in her ears. i won't go into the drama leading up to that happening, but it's good to have it over with. she was a little champ and had a totally normal day afterwards.

Monday, March 22, 2010

my little 'tudey girl

so, this is standard olivia. this picture just makes me laugh. she is definitely notorious for her many faces, most of which seem to be saying, "do you have a problem with me?" or "can i help you?" this shot seems to be saying both. love her and the little bun on top of her head. 

just chillin in her sleep the other morning at 930am when i had to wake her up. can you tell who is boss around here?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

7.5 weeks

my little terror is just over 7 weeks and finally starting to calm down a little bit. i guess it helps that during the times when she is fussy, we don't have olivia also crying. she has stopped doing that and just ignores V for the most part. why be bothered with a real, live baby when she can give kisses to her pretend babydoll? please note that she REFUSES to give violet a kiss. she only has once so far and when she did she had this look on her face like, "what? do i get a million dollars now??" anyway, violet is getting very smiley and i have caught her eyeing her big sis from afar once or twice... probably hoping that giant mean monster stays far away! 

here are some cute shots from the past week or so.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

blankie surgery

as i have mentioned numerous times on this blog, olivia is obsessed with her blanket. she wants to take it everywhere. i put my foot down in some instances, but places like the gym, church nursery, etc., where it's crucial that she stay put and not have someone bringing her to me within 5 minutes, i have to give a little. if she needs a little hug on her blanket before she can play at the gym childcare, then have at it. soooo, thus the need for blankie surgery. it is (was) just a regular sized kids blanket, but when you're talking about dragging it around the floor of any given public place, no number of washes per week can quite do the trick. i am inevitably getting "busted" washing it when she decides she would like to have it, or worse, wanting desperately to wash it at bedtime but having no choice but to put my perfectly clean and freshly bathed little baby into her crib with the germ magnet. it grosses me out. i kept her up till 9pm tonight so i could wash the 2 halves.

so anyway, i decided to cut it in half. so genius, right? kidding. i know lots of people do this and maybe our next operation can be cutting it into quarters. that would be awesome. my dad said tonight that it can eventually get down to the size of a washcloth and then she can take it to college with her! haha. perfect. clearly the other half is in her bed with her right now. she hasn't seemed to notice the change although i did catch her trying to drape it around herself like a robe as she sometimes does, and she was kind of confused as to why it wasn't flowing down to the ground like usual. she was quickly over it though, so i think the secret is safe. we're headed to a friend's tomorrow who can sew up the rough edges since i don't sew.

Monday, March 8, 2010

gladys, blistex and the binkie

most of you probably know that gladys knight is mormon. she got baptized in 1997. anywho- her and her choir now travel around performing, and they came to our stake this weekend. it was really amazing. we weren't sure what to expect but they totally impressed. all i kept thinking during the different solo performances was, "why aren't these people on american idol!?!?" gladys and her husband spoke for a little bit too and they did a great job. she seems like a really sweet lady. they had 4 performances-- 2 on saturday and 2 on sunday. we went to the sunday night one and got their an hour early with our tickets. the line was already wrapped around the outside of our stake center. LUCKILY my mom was with all the public affairs peeps helping with food, etc. and she came and found us and smuggled us into VIP seating. so we were on like the 5th row...a far cry from where we saw some of our fellow line-goers...way back to the quadruple overflow aka the stage in the gym. so we really lucked out.  plus, my mom and gladys are like family now. i guess gladys plays tennis and sent word to our stake president's wife that she would like to play while she is here... fast forward through a bunch of secret scheduling and my mom and a couple other tennis playing ladies in the stake are playing with gladys and some of her entourage 3 of the afternoons they were here. my mom is the one in the white nike hat. adam keeps asking when we are going with my mom to vegas to stay with our new BFF gladys. pretty funny/cool if you ask me. 

moving on. for one reason or another, olivia seems to be catching the first few minutes of her nap in the car these days... i guess i cut it too close to naptime while i'm out and about so we have been doing a quick transfer to the crib once we get home. on this particular day she was busy playing with my chapstick, pretending to put it on since i have been doing that 100x a day lately to cure her endless chapped lip/face from the binkie and the cold weather. anyway, apparently she was pretty tired and totally zonked out mid-application. i looked back at her once and looked back again literally 5 seconds later and she was asleep... like this. can't let go of that blistex!!

last, the binkie. oh, the dreaded binkie. don't get me wrong- all in all, i am thrilled that she took a binkie as a baby. it has been a lifesaver many times. but i have been thinking about taking it away. i hadn't really gotten serious about attempting it until the doctor mentioned it the other day. she is more addicted to her blankie though (if that's possible), so i thought i'd take the advice and maybe try to limit the binkie to bedtime. we can tackle the blankie before kindergarten has far as i'm concerned. needless to say, i'm failing miserably. today she went without it for a whole 4 hours before she had a total meltdown. unfortunately she knows all my hiding places so far (i need to step it up) so when she weasled her way out of my arms this morning mid-tantrum, she did the funniest little sprint over to my purse on the couch and dove in to snatch up the binkie. sure enough, she found it and she was silent. UGHHHHHH. i'm a weakling. my mom laughed about this scenario and said maybe tomorrow i should just shoot for 5 hours without it, and so on. then maybe within like 20 more days we'll be binkie-free, right?!