Monday, August 30, 2010

what happens when you share a room

olivia decided she would like to do some puzzles during violet's nap. so she did. please do not mind the alarming amount of stuff shoved under violet's crib. i haven't put their crib skirts on yet. i have some easy-to-access baskets of toys for violet under there, but they inevitably get dumped out on an hourly basis.
my crazy child contemplating how she can bust out of her crib and join in the fun!

i really don't remember when olivia started doing this but i feel like it's too early?? she is very interested in all ways OUT of the crib. not sure how much longer i have before she tries one of them on her own.
"what? it's fine. i'm already well rested."
this is the face olivia gave me when i asked her why she woke baby up. PUHHHLEASE, mom. 

i went back and forth before we moved about whether or not to have them share a room. so far, it's actually great. they both like to play in there and i'm so glad we put carpet in there since everywhere else is wood. makes it a little easier to let violet play around on her own/experiment with crawling/sitting/climbing. this has only happened once so far and i guess it's just a note to self to shut the door completely when one of them is napping and the other isn't. right now it's the best of both worlds-- zonked out at the same time! wahoo!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we're back! (part 2)

just a few random snaps that make me oh-so-happy to have a camera again! (it's kind of a photo overload, but i'm trying to treat this as somewhat of a photo journal since i don't do any sort of journaling otherwise!)

baby girl has been in to puffs lately. baby food? not so much. 

she also basically crawls. basically = she has the general movement down and definitely gets from point A to point B very quickly.

i was in the girls' room too lazy to go find olivia so i was calling her to come back to me. she thought it was fun to come find me in her room! PS- we always joke that olivia looks like she has a wig on because she has so much hair on her little munchkin toddler body. see what i mean? 

ok, here i am, WITH my blankie!

snobby olivia

she loves to play "nigh-night/wake up." translation: pretend i'm sleeping and scare her when i "wake up." never gets old with little kids.

love this one.

worn out!

my brown eyed beauty

trying to steal sister's dora doll

i was feeling bad for my little teething baby the other night, so i got her up to hang out with us since she was screaming. you can't really see them, but she totally had tears in her eyes posing for a few pictures. still no tooth though!

she has been doing this half sit up pose for pictures lately. like, "yes? can i help you?"

V getting a little crazy at my parents house on sunday

too bad i can't take a good picture and get her whole head in it!

a few notes......

olivia (2 years, 1 month, 9 days) is loving her preschool, has decided she doesn't like to have her hair brushed anymore, but wants lots of sprays of detangler....aaaand... has gone on the potty like 5 times! i have started giving her showers once in a while to speed up the bedtime routine if it's getting late. so, the other night, i thought i'd see what she would do if i sat her on the toilet before i put her in the shower. i have never even talked about the "potty" with her and it would be just like her to completely flip out. well, apparently i don't know her all that well because then and every time since, she has gone within like 10 seconds and then flushes the toilet happily like it's no big deal. i guess you never know, but hopefully that's a sign of her willingness later on?? i have no need to or interest in potty training her yet, so for now we'll just "practice" before showers or baths.

violet (7 months, 4 days) is basically crawling, is very loud 24/7, sleeps terribly at night and looooves anyone who will play with her! she is not so into the baby food, but it probably doesn't help that i do things like let her try chocolate ice cream the other night. she literally screamed when i threw the plate away.

our schedules are crazy right now and time seems to be flying by. sometimes that's kind of depressing, so tonight i purposely crammed a few too many errands into the night (didn't get home to give the kids dinner till 7:45) just so tomorrow i wouldn't have one or two annoying things to do that would throw a wrench in our day. i get so sidetracked with what's on our calendar or getting our house 100% furnished/decorated that each day goes by way too quickly with way too few memories. i need to realize that it takes time to move in to a house and make it feel "lived in."

here's to maybe doing something fun tomorrow... preferably one that does not involve going to any kind of store??

Sunday, August 22, 2010

we're back! (part 1)

we finally got a new camera yesterday. we decided to just go ahead and get another point and shoot for now. i'd like to invest in a nicer one soon, but i wanted to do more research and figure it out, but didn't want to be without a camera for any longer. i take so many pictures, so it's kind of sad to see literally no "july 2010" in my iphoto. thankfully we had adam's iphone to take a few needed's a little random catch up of the latest events....i might break it up into a couple posts.

the girls were playing in their room the other night and olivia was letting (sort of) violet in on some puzzle time....

but she made it clear that her very special birthday bowling set was NOT up for grabs. she went and did this before violet even noticed it. "just an FYI vi-vi, hands off."

this picture would be of my precious 2 year old completely zonked out on the morning of her first day of preschool! (she started a little 2 day two's class last week.) i had to wake her up. i have a feeling her teenage years are going to be a nightmare. i also have to wake her up for church every sunday because we start at 9. she is a sleeper! of course when i went in to take this, violet was peeping over her bumper like, "who's there??? i'm ready!!" she is nuts. more on that later.

these two pictures were killing me! first of all, the night before school started, we were in her room doing a little fashion show for her outfit. they aren't supposed to wear sandals since they go outside, so that was really cramping olivia's style. she wears sandals everyday. we made it work and found something, but the whole time i was getting way too in to going through all her clothes, she was bouncing off the walls acting crazy and being so funny and excited about everything. total night before school starts jitters?? lol. so then, on the way there in the morning, i turn around and see this face. and she was kind of hiding her face in her carseat and she was acting all weird and nervous. anyway, it was too funny. she knew what was up. she surprisingly did well when i dropped her off. she didn't cry at all and got to work playing with some of the toys. when i picked her up the first day, they said she was "on and off," but that she had a good day and did circle time. ok, sounds good to me. the second day i picked her up, they said she had an "awesome day!" ok, i'll take that too! i would die to be a fly on the wall though and just see what she is up to. i wasn't really that sad on the first day. adam on the other hand.....he kept saying he wanted to leave so he wouldn't start crying! (he came in with us on the first day). softie. i guess i just get too distracted by how funny it is seeing all these little miniature adults cruising around like they own the place. our nephew goes to the same school and he is total big man on campus in the pre-k class. 

we thought it would be funny to put violet in the shopping cart the other night. she had this face the whole time as if she was saying, "this is totalllly lame, mom!"

more first day of school shots. violet is having major sleepy face, but she thought she was a big timer going in to school with olivia!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what the disgusting????

anyone on the yahoo main page today might've seen this... GROSS.

anyone who knows me knows that i cannot. handle. PESTS.

goodnight (afternoon?). don't let the bedbugs bite. muahaha.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday blogging

still no camera. we've been debating upping the ante a little bit and getting a nicer one... the nikon d5000. any thoughts on it??

but we won't let that dilemma get us down! photobooth can do the trick for now. here is my little lovebug feeling better. she still has a hoarse voice though.. it's funny.. sounds like a smoker when she laughs and fake yells (she loves to do that). she is getting pretty cute and funny these days. she started doing this wave which i think she understands to mean "hi" or "bye"... it's like this little miss america wrist maneuver. she is still a whiny one but we love her! 

i did these little silhouettes of the girls in like 10 minutes the other night. it's seriously the most rewarding project because it is super easy and takes no time at all. that's my kind of craft! this is olivia's obviously... i am noticing a few mess-ups in it now that i'm seeing it in this photo but i still think it looks exactly like her. funny.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


this blog is getting seriously boring so here's the best i could do for a before & after house shot sans camera. i tried to get a shot of the same angle as the before picture. don't mind the dishes piled everywhere. as you can see, we are still missing a few cabinet doors and drawers, so a few items don't have a home. that and i'm too busy organizing other parts of the house and going through more junk than you have seen in your lifetime!!! i'm having a garage sale on saturday. it's going to be killer. i'm dreading it so much. anyway, i'll post a more perfectly styled (blog-worthy) pic later on with everything in its proper place. as you can see we kind of changed things around a little. i am very proud of my design switcheroo on the microwave/oven/cooktop situation. was not a fan of the gigantic white micro on the countertop. we also extended the island to create a bar, but you can't really see that. 

ok, headed to storytime live in a few hours. poor violet is missing out and going to my mom's. she would probably watch the whole thing but i won't risk it. plus then we don't have to lug a gigantic carseat through the theater. and, she's sick. she seriously looks like she's been in a brawl with another baby...puffy eyes, pink cheeks and a runny nose. blah. 

Monday, August 2, 2010


one day i will blog again. maybe if some moron hadn't stolen my camera from the bowling alley a few weeks ago, i could post something exciting. a camera is one of those things i absolutely need and usually always have on me, but not something i want to have to go buy...again! especially since i am a victim of this ridiculous thievery. ugh.

anywhooz, we have been in our new (renovated!) house for a little less than a week. we are adjusting well and olivia has loved cruising around the new joint seeing what she can find. violet remains our darling bad baby. that's what we call her...bad baby. affectionately, of course. she is sort of a little terror. she was HYSTERICAL earlier for like 40 minutes while i was letting her cry it out for a nap and when i was an idiot and went and sabotaged myself by getting her (her cry is so loud and it booms through the whole house...she has a really deep voice, it's funny), she literally started cracking up giggling through her tears. she knows what's up. we did another CIO session a few minutes ago though and she is out like a light. maybe one day she'll sleep through the night. here's a picture of me and the little monster that we love on photobooth. no camera remember? don't mind the paper temporary blinds. whoever invented those is a genius. $30 for a ghetto window treatment until we figure out what we're doing for all our windows...and can then emotionally prepare for how much it will cost. yikes!

thursday we are going to storytime live (wonder pets, dora, diego and backyardigans!) so i'm hoping to maybe go get a new camera before then. hope my little 2 year old likes it!

later dudes