Saturday, March 28, 2009


yesterday my parents were supposed to leave for atlanta to watch my sister's lacrosse games. bad weather = no trip = spontaneous trip to gatorland. olivia and i got the invite and we headed out the door! here are some pictures from orlando's greatest half-day attraction. 

this was so hilarious. she practically ripped this little baby croc (yes, they have those at gatorland too) out of this guy's hands when we first arrived. ready to party!!! 

checking out the other fabulous wildlife gatorland has to offer... like goats

the tourists went nuts for this cheeseball and his gator wrestling jokes. fun to watch, though.

at attention for the show!

sweetest girl during lunch break

mom & me
note the sign

gator bait!

we hit the gift shop on the way out and couldn't resist this shot. she thought it was funny too just because we were laughing at her.

instead of the hat we got this little gator that was on sale for $1.98. BFF.

Monday, March 16, 2009

$4.99 fun

so today at target i picked up this little baby pool for a whopping $4.99. that combined with some kitchen dishes (maybe i forgot to get some pool-friendly toys) made for an entertaining afternoon. olivia was very content to play BY the pool, but i think the hose blasting in her face once i finally got it turned on made her a little nervous about actually being IN the pool. she loves the tub, though, so i think she'll warm up next time we go "swimming."

camera hog

sweet little baby blues

having some fun poolside

get out of here paparazzi!!!

just because it's too cute

busy as a bee

remaining poolSIDE....

looking like a little brunette

not loving being IN the time? 

Friday, March 13, 2009

i cried

am i the only one who hasn't seen this? unreal.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

toys are for BABIES!!!

so as i suppose most seasoned mothers (which i am not) will tell you, kids can be entertained by many things. no need for fancy, expensive toys. and although olivia has plenty of those, she is proving this theory right. the "play things" she loves most are not toys at all. here is a spotlight of her favorites: the computer, lotion bottles and paper. but most specifically, magazines. easy to tear. here she is in all her glory.

 showing dad her "work"

waiting to leave for church w/her trusty aveeno

getting down to business with her favorite activity

am i in trouble?

i'm so funny!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

beach baby

so we decided to take advantage of last weekend's 80 degree weather and head to the beach. it was a little windy which made it not feel quite as warm, but we all managed to get a little (much needed) sun. poor olivia even got a little pink on her head from when her too-small hat kept coming off. 
enjoying the pool for the first time. she loved it. a giant tub!

a little swim training with mom...

little poser on the lounge chair!

loving her new turtle float.

aw, give him a hug...

and a kiss! 

warming up in the wind

checking out the beach with dad

thunder thighs was loving the running water under her toes

family photo

chillin' in her cute beach cover up before we headed home.

we only stayed a couple hours (including a 45 minute break to go get publix subs) but it was a good intro to what is hopefully to come this summer...the beach at least 1x a week!