Friday, March 7, 2008

project runway

so i realized if i never post anything, no one is ever going to read my blog, and if no one is reading, what is the point of posting? here is my latest struggle and perhaps some of you bloggers can relate:

i think it is safe to say that a large percentage of TV viewers in america record their favorite programs to watch later on when 1, it is more convenient, and 2, WITHOUT commercials. that being said, is it really necessary to publicize the winner of project runway and the AI cast-offs EVERYWHERE I LOOK? i literally have been checking my email and perusing the internet with one eye closed for fear that i may experience what i experienced last week before part 1 of the project runway season finale. i accidentally discovered that rami was going on and chris was O-U-T. luckily i was pleased with this choice but it was VERY hard to watch with other people pretending i didn't know the result.

as for AI, i don't really care as much because the results show is just a bunch of babble from ryan trying to be a journalist or something. i did see the results on E for this week and i am SO glad luke and danny are out.

i have managed to dodge the info about project runway so who knows if it will be fierce christian, drapery rami or monotone/40 year old jillian. DON'T TELL ME in your comments either, i haven't watched it. thank you.

PS- if you are wondering why my title is project runway but my picture is american idol, then clearly you have not understood this post. if i search for an image of anything project runway, the winner will be revealed to me INSTANTLY.