Monday, November 30, 2009

catch up

so i know everyone else is posting about thanksgiving, but such a momentous occasion as this cannot be missed in the blog world, right?? in an effort to look super cute for her debut in montreal (adam's parents had not seen her yet--can you believe it?), olivia got her first cut before we left. i'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but i am loving her little baby bob and i think she is too.

she did NOT like having her hair sprayed with water for the cut....

but the tears were short lived and she let me comb it out while she admired herself in the mirror eating her candy.

all done with a lollipop AND a book.

pretty girl.
doing my best to get some shots of the new 'do...

it dried a little funny the first day but now she is working it like a pro and i am SO glad we cut it. the lion's mane was getting out of control.

i should've taken a before picture of her but here is one from a few days earlier in case you forgot:

happy 26th

to my dearest (though not nearest, unfortunately) friend jessie jane lee miller. hope it's the best yet!

a funny one for good measure. no idea what you're doing or where you are, but for some reason i have a photo of it!

are we 14?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'round here

lately we have been doing all sorts of wild and crazy stuff. not really. but here's what we've been doing to keep busy. or maybe it's just a random collection of pictures that i've decided to blog because clearly i cannot blog enough about our little miss.

doing some nighttime reading in our walmart special dora jammies

catching an afternoon episode of dora. i did not pose her like this at all. she is a lounger!

waiting outside for dad to get home from work! apparently she thinks he is taking too long.

desperately trying to break open a pudding cup. she's never had one but she somehow knew it must be good because she walked around saying "Eeeeeeeeeez" (please) for like 10 minutes.

playing with shells at the beach

sweet baby in her grandma swimsuit (not from a grandma--i just think it kind of looks like the ones grandmas wear...with the built in skirt??)

apparently girlfriend likes her alone time at the beach. no moms allowed!

shooting hoops

don't talk to me about this weird lion's mane hair do. she's getting her first cut tomorrow!

my little sporty spice in her skirt and tennies.

doing some yoga?

being the cutest baby girl alive!! love that little grin and pot belly and fresh-out-of-the-tub slickity slick hair do. don't mind her crazy trance stare at the TV. i try and keep the dora addiction in check so when she gets to watch she is in the ZONE.

Monday, November 16, 2009

can we please just agree....

.....that money can get the job done??
i do love her though.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"great job! thanks for counting!"

this little beast realllllyy wore me out today. i might've almost been in tears by the time we left church today and she had thrown about 33 tantrums. but, somewhere between this morning (when i found her diaperless in her crib WAY too early in the AM) and tonight (when she threw all of her dinner on the floor), she still made me laugh with her little cackle giggle and incessant "counting" so i would let her jump into my lap. her counting is "ayyyyyyyyyy, niiiiiiiii, taaaaaaaaan." apparently she did not catch numbers 1 through 7 on dora during the 42 million times per epsiode that they count about something. just 8,9 and 10.

on another note, i just caught up and watched project runway season finale part 1....not loving any of it that much? i'm sure they'll change it all up and i'll like it more when they show it at the end but lots of blah if you ask me. and i think irina might be going down with her funeral collection. serves her royal rudeness right if you ask me!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

halloween recap

so i'm way over halloween mentally speaking, but i know it has not been thoroughly represented on the blog. so let the picture overload ensue.

on the morning of halloween, we went to our city's fall festival. it was sooooo hot and not particularly toddler-friendly. kid-friendly, yes. toddler-friendly, no. you get the idea. so we cruised around for about 30 minutes and called it a morning. olivia spent most of the time trying to run away from us and browse the sites on her own. all that escaping made her very thirsty.

"why are you looking at me? i'm not going to try and run past you. i promise!"

"later, dudes."

halloween night was more of a success than i thought it would be considering olivia had been diagnosed with a pretty bad ear infection at urgent care the night before (lots of zombie walking around crying with her hand over her right ear for like an hour straight made it a pretty obvious). she was in a surprisingly good mood and had a lot of fun going crazy at my parents' house. they do a big thing outside for the neighborhood kids every year-- my dad plays charlie brown's halloween on a projector and makes donuts for the trick or treaters. she was obsessed with standing right in front of the screen and rummaging through my mom's candy the entire time. sadly, she would NOT let me put the earrings on her and she took no interest in the little parrot i had for her that really made the costume hilarious. but she still looks cute and piratey!

glued to the big screen with a death grip on her candies

"crunch bar for me. mom, what'll you have?"

this was so cute. some people from the ward stopped by with their new baby and olivia (totally on her own) went over to him and leaned down and rocked the baby seat going, "heyyyy." hopefully a sign of her positive reaction to come when baby sister arrives??

getting down to business!

on to turkey day....we're headed to montreal to visit adam's parents so time to start packing our winter wardrobe!

Monday, November 2, 2009

arrrgh, matey

more halloween fun later. for now, here's olivia the pirate acting like a crazy lady after a crunch bar.