Tuesday, June 14, 2011

memorial day beach week

we took a bit of a vacation over memorial day and spent the week at the beach. adam had to come and go a few times for work stuff (we're only an hour away), but other than that, it was great! the girls had a great time playing in the water and getting bronzed... and i didn't mind me some sun either. definitely needed it! 

 heading to the pool for a quick dip on our first night!

 so pale :)

pics from here on out are in no particular order, some might be chronological, but others aren't. too hard to organize and the days all blend together. sleep, eat (a lot), beach, pool. repeat.

 olivia was one with the sand on this particular morning...

 mid-day snooze with dad. doing nothing at the beach somehow really wears you out!

 vi and her cousin mckinley (they came over for a couple days) watching some care bears

 silly girl post-nap

 violet hanging out with some friends on the beach... cousin coleman leading a team cheer in the background. :)

 "ok violet, this is what we're gonna do..."

 "just like this..."

 "ugh, why isn't this baby listening to me?!" 
(coleman and violet are obsessed with each other but the age difference does not make for the best "playing together" experiences.)

 love those wings in her hair!

 violet checking out adam and olivia in the water. olivia loves the ocean, violet was surprisingly a little stand-offish. she preferred to stay in the very shallow parts or sit in the chair eating snacks. or say "stairs?" or "simming?" a million times... aka "can we go back up the stairs to the pool to go swimming?"

 cute little beach bum

snack patrol

 her favorite way to hit the waves.. on dad's shoulders!

 very big jellyfish we saw... they were everywhere during our stay, but most of them were harmless non-stingers. pretty sure this was one the stinging type, though. ouch.

 the non-stinging type are all those little clear discs. the kids were collecting them and playing with them all week

 view from the condo porch

 violet being silly for the camera after a nap. she's a little too familiar with taking photos of herself. sometimes she randomly turns my phone around and says "cheese!" 

 i think here she woke up from her nap first and found my phone and said "show?" she loves to watch tv on my phone like olivia. and that would be diet coke she dumped down the front of her shirt.

 she is a lazy bum

 now everyone's up from nap! 

a day or two before our trip, olivia stole that beach book in her hand from my mom's house and on this day, she insisted on taking it down to the beach. she wanted to compare notes. :) 

jellyfish in mom's bag? check! 

 violet trying to drag the toys back to the stairs to go in the pool. i did a LOT of chasing this trip. olivia developed a wandering streak and scared us on more than one occasion with how quickly she was almost out of sight. and violet is always on the run so that was nothing new for her. needless to say, a vacation with kids is not exaaaactly a vacation. still fun, though!

 the beginning of a new phase violet is in. this was the first time (of about 20 since then) that she has just taken off her diaper like it's no big deal. since we've been here at home she takes it off, leaves it in her trail, and runs around playing like nothing happened. this has resulted in a few accidents. she has also chosen to take it off once she's taken care of business in the diaper. maybe she thinks she's helping me out by completing step 1 of the diaper changing process. i am really considering potty training her with olivia this month. has anyone ever trained an almost 18 month old? she tells me when she has a poopy diaper and aside from the fact that her EXTREMELY clumsy self would have a hard time getting on and off the toilet, it could/would be so nice?!

 slicky slick after a bath. there was a fountain in the courtyard of the place we were staying in and when we walked by it, violet would say "tubbies?" (what we call a bath sometimes) because the water sounded just like the tub filling up. pretty funny.

 olivia slept in a bed this trip and did fine minus the 3 or 4 times she got out of the bed and apparently got too tired to get back in it to fall asleep.

 oh look- rare shots with me in them. my sister took these when she and my mom came over for a day that adam had to work. i wish they were better quality, they were zoomed in on my phone i think...

 oh, look who's been going through mom's bag...

i love how all the shots of me are with violet because she just wanted to lounge in the sun and eat snacks like her mom. olivia was off running away 2 miles down the beach or playing in the water nonstop.

 violet totally copied my mom and tried to lay out at the pool...

 trying to escape the pool. like i said, always on the run. she did fit through the cracks in the gate and got out once. 

 snack break!

 looking very concerned that her baggie of fruit loops is empty....

 with the exception of the first night when olivia was a little too excited and was a party animal half the night, she slept like a LOG. here is evidence.

 an attempt at a photo with cousins!

 adam and olivia are waaay out there...there was a great sandbar on this day. olivia loved it. she wanted to sit down on it and stay out there all day. all 4 of us went out at first but of course, violet got a little freaked out by wading through the deep water to get to the sandbar and promptly wanted to go back.

 can you seem them?

 snack attack from my little scaredy cat

 could eat her up!

 yeah. not so much. someday i will have a good picture of me with my children. someday.

 a little better..

 OUT on the drive home... 

phew. glad that's done. i just realized we didn't get one single picture of the 4 of us. of course. awesome.