Wednesday, May 25, 2011

apparently i need an organic frying pan

i am by no means 100% organic...nor do i ever intend to be. but, i do buy a handful of things that i'm convinced make a little difference. (organic beef and dairy, mainly.) but, this article had me a little worried.....

popcorn (we consume a lot in this house)?? cookware?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

blogging blues

tonight i was feeling annoyed/depressed about the fact that i've kept this blog since 2007 but in some ways i don't really feel like it amounts to much.  i've come and gone and come back again in my commitment to it, but at the end of the day, i don't keep a journal, i never print any of our photos or make photobooks or scrapbooks, so this is all i've got! doesn't my posterity want to read my blog?? kidding. i just wish i would make a better effort to 1- take better pictures that are not via my iphone and 2- have more consistency with entries that is actually more journal-like. i guess then it makes it seem like i'm assuming anyone cares about anything and everything i might write... so here is your notice: i'm not writing this for you, i'm writing it for me. well, maybe a little bit for you, seeing as how i'm horrible at KIT (keep in touch), so this is the avenue for that as well....anyways, you get my drift. here's to better blogging that i'll actually care about reading in 10 years!

a little entry tonight...

last night we went to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary celebration. my favorite part had to be the slideshow my aunt put together of all these amazing pictures dating back to who knows when all the way up to this year (the last picture was a cute one of olivia and violet!). i'm the oldest grandchild, so i decided to make a book (i used shutterfly) giving each grandchild a page, where i had a current photo of them alongside their answers to 3 basic questions about our grandparents. it turned out really cute and it was really easy, and my grandparents really liked it. i'm hoping to get my hands on some of the pictures from the slideshow and make a similar book... i think it's a great way to have a "hard copy" of super old photos that otherwise get lost in somebody's junk drawer, you know?

in my own photos, i couldn't find an oldie of me with both my grandparents, but here's one with me and my granddaddy! i don't know why it looks like i have a black eye? 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Yesterday was a good day. I attempted to sleep in...why is it on days where sleeping in is planned, I can't sleep past 7:30 to save my life, but on all other days when I hear "moooommmyyy!!!" at the same time, I feel like waking up = coming back from the dead??

Adam made me breakfast and had grand plans for my gift presentation involving both girls, but they had to re-write with Violet as the solo act when, around 8:30, Olivia was still snoozing soundly. Of course Violet had no problem charging into our room with a balloon in each hand and necklaces (part of my gift) around her neck. Being the bossy boss that she is, she was very annoyed that I dare try to take the necklaces off of her and was treating the balloons like pets on a leash saying, "commeer! (come here) and "come on!"

Church, family and probably too much food rounded out the day. A belated happy m-day to my own mom who is a top notch listener, helper, opinion-giver, shopping partner, babysitter... The list goes on!

Of course my pics are less than impressive but good memories all the same, right?

The best pic I could get of her running around like a maniac with her balloons....

Oh, Vi isn't smiling, let's try another one...

Yeah, not so much.

I somewhat on accident and somewhat on purpose let Olivia nap until 6pm, so she stayed up for a while to burn off some energy. Adam got this cute pic of her after she saw me reading in the corner and brought her own material (fruit ninja on Adam's iPhone) over to join me. She is my little snuggle girl. She sat there for a while with me. Too cute.

This is the pic that was in my Mother's Day card from preschool. My favorite parts besides how sweetly is smiling are 1- she has some kind of food in her mouth and 2- she could totally use some frizz-ease.... Just like her mama!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

dear target:

stop tempting me. my children need NO MORE SHOES. they have an embarrassing amount as it is. you are only lucky that my store didn't have them in the right sizes when i was there last. and they are sold out online. ugh. i cannot resist. there aren't word to describe the cuteness of these on violet's fat little feet. there is a whole new slew of cute toddler shoes right now, but these were my favorite.