Thursday, January 27, 2011


Olivia opted to not take a nap yesterday. Rare for her but I don't mind because she is always ready for bed at like 7. She was literally snoring by 7:15 last night and did not wake up till 9:30 this morning. Of course, as usual, V was up at 7 on the dot. Anyway- apparently 14.5 hours of sleep gives you major bedhead. I wouldn't know.

"honestly? no photos please."

watching violet do a song and dance outside her crib like she was saying, "umm get up! it's sooo awesome out here!"

breakfast and cartoons while savoring her last few moments with her blanket and binkie. monday i decided NO more of either during the day. at all. i've said that before, but i would be casual in my hiding places or just throw it back in her bed which just meant she'd go find it if she got the urge. now they both go in very good hiding places all day. she gets them for sleep only. she's been doing surprisingly awesome. she doesn't even look for them when before, she was always dumping out my purse to find them. in the next little bit i'm going to take the binkie for good and keep the blanket on a sleep-only deal. wish me luck!

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Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

Impressive do!

Heather G said...

No way!! Hahaha. Big sis is LOOKIN good! Check out that curl. Florida humidity gives her shorter 'do some bounce ;) Way to be firm with the bink and blanky. Molly just turned 3 and the binky fairies came and snatched her last binky. She's asked for it quite a few times, but has slept at night just fine. No more naps though. The bink did the trick for her during naps I guess... and now she just plays in bed for quit time...more for me really :) So be prepared if she ditches the precious nap for good when the binky is gone. I'm really sad - but she goes to bed at around 8 or 8:30 now, where before it was closer to 10 or 11.

s.s parker said...

now that's runway worthy hair!!:)....funny story, when I was putting sawyer in his car seat after shopping sawyer said "where's Abbi going?" I couldn't stop laughing! the family room rug! did you get it already with the print or did you stencil it?

Jake and Jenna said...

her hair is AMAZING!! i love the last picture so much. love it. and the post about violet as a single mom.. i was laughing so hard because goldie is the exact same way. she currently has three babies, one puppy, and a big bunny that she rotates all the day long.

aren't girls so much fun? i think you're such a good mom, p.s.

megan&steve said...

Every angle of Bedhead. You got them all.