Thursday, January 5, 2012

wedding in utah

in november adam and i went to his cousin kristen's (also a childhood friend of mine) wedding in UT. adam only came out for a few days of the trip (i went out a little early and stayed a little longer with adam's sisters), which was also a surprise for his sister courtney and niece reagan who was getting baptized the same weekend. i wish i had the video of when reagan answered the door to find funny/cute. anyway, it was great to have a kid-free break and eat at all our favorite UT spots... oink! the wedding was tons of fun (especially since we didn't have to worry about getting home to pay a babysitter! the girls stayed with my parents the whole time we were gone and had a great time.) i also caught up with a few old friends. we rounded out the weekend with brunch at sundance and before we all busted out of our clothes from eating so much, we called it good and headed home!

 old roomies at goodwood bbq. this was the day i flew in which hopefully explains why i look like death.

 some deliciousness at sweet tooth fairy...

 the old stomping grounds...where we felt ancient compared to all the young, hip students on campus. is this really happening? am i getting old?

 at the wedding...

 adam's whole family minus garrett and scott! (and + aunt kelley)

 my camera was on some really weird setting...we look like cartoons.

 this pic cracks me up because i always feel like i'm smiling pretty big in my pictures and then they turn out like this. i look like i'm barely smiling and like i'm about to kill someone. cute. 

 went to the BYU game where we thankfully had indoor seats because it was faaaa-reeezing!

 cougar tail. gross.

 alex, abbie, ashley. one of them does not look like the others. 

 there's adam!



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