Thursday, January 5, 2012

christmas tree 2011

every year we seem to go bigger and better when it comes to the ol' christmas tree. while i do NOT like the watering and the pine needles everywhere for several weeks, a real tree is kind of fun and seems to be our thing. we've gone to the same lot for the past 3 or 4 years. this year's tree was about as big as the corner it goes in... not much room to spare. we got it up and pretty much done the day after christmas. i also had my christmas decor out before thanksgiving even happened. clearly i need to invest in more pilgrim and turkey decor so as to not skip from pumpkins and skulls to ornaments and lights. i've kept a tradition my mom had with our girls which is getting a new ornament for each of them every year. i have almost all of mine from when i was younger until college that my mom gave me. so, that's what the pictures are of above. olivia with her yarn angel and violet with her yarn santa. blurry of course because this is just before i got my shiny, new camera!

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